What is Sypht?

Sypht is an AI-driven document intelligence platform helping organisations unlock the value of data trapped in documents.

Self-learning AI captures and structures document data, spots key business signals hidden within the data, and identifies broader insights and trends.

Easy to use and easy to integrate, Sypht is the smart, simple and scalable document intelligence solution.

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Our Solutions

Sypht helps you unlock the value of all kinds of document data. Explore our pre-built solutions to automate your operations, make better decisions, and improve digital experiences across your business.

Intelligent Operations

Unlock value in the back office.

Automate document-heavy processes and slash your admin time and cost

Intelligent Decisions

Unlock value in the head office.

Maker smarter decisions with 100% of your data – not just the 20% that’s accessible today

Intelligent Experiences

Unlock value in the front office.

Transform digital experiences with smarter data-driven interactions

Why Sypht?

Extract value faster

Set up instantly with our cloud-based platform, and process hundreds of documents in under 5 seconds

Unparallel accuracy

Get 90%+ accuracy out of the box with pre-trained AI Products, and reach target accuracy with minimal training

Smart like a human

Computer Vision, Machine Learning and NLP combine in a self-learning AI that doesn’t just capture data, but understands it

Easy to use

Effortless, intuitive, “no-code” UI and a single, powerful API offer the best of both worlds for developers and end users

Connect with ease

Integrate Sypht seamlessly with an ecosystem of market-leading RPA, ERP, CRM, data storage and analytics partners

Tailored solution

Choose from a catalog of purpose-built AI products & premium platform add-ons and pay only for what you need

How Sypht Works

The Sypht Platform

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Core Platform Features

Upload and extract data, signals, and insights in seconds, connect to other systems with ease, and access a wide range of AI products and premium add-ons to tailor your Sypht document intelligence solution.


Premium Platform Add-Ons

Validate your data for maximum confidence, uncover game-changing insights, build your own custom AI products and implement document processing workflows to get the right data to the right place, at the right time.

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AI Products

Customise Sypht to your exact needs with our range of Capture AI, Signals AI and Insights AI products. Extract document data, spot anomalies and surface insights critical to your decisions, processes, and experiences.

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