How are you handling the monthly invoice flood?

If you're experiencing increasing AP pain, it could be that your invoice process is outdated, manual, risky, expensive and well...just too slow.

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Are Your Service Levels Suffering?

Are your suppliers sending duplicates and reminders?

Are your AP teams working longer hours remotely?

Are invoice fraud, cost-to-serve and risk all increasing?

71% of businesses are feeling the same pain.

Maybe you feel you should be looking at Process Automation, but are concerned it might be too complicated, slow or expensive? Not with Sypht.

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An Easy, Fast, Accurate and Secure Automation Solution

Upload one or multiple documents into our secure system and see results in seconds.

Our 'Invoices AI' product instantly captures and extracts 30+ information fields from invoices.

No templates needed, with 90%+ accuracy from day 1.

Configure your own manual exception rules, combining our tech with your human smarts for 100% accuracy. 


Pay Only For What You Use

Our AI product costs are based on monthly usage, not high license fees.

FREE - 14 day, 500 page trial, then...

Light - $0.20 per page for up to 5k pages p.c.m.

Medium - $0.15 per page for up to 30k pages p.c.m.

Heavy - Special discounts available for 30k+ pages p.c.m.

Track your spend over time and set monthly thresholds.


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Use Data To Power Business Growth

Deliver measurable value beyond time, cost & risk.

Make financial information immediately available across your business for better decision making.

Improve cashflow & financial reporting, customer experience and boost customer satisfaction inc. NPS.

Improve team productivity up to 50%, increase employee engagement and free your team for more valuable work.

Help Your Business and Yourself

Keep Customers

The invoice pile grows every month. Automate your process to stop them finding someone else who pays on time.

Boost Your Team

Bring your team together to fix a manual process nobody wants, then spend your time doing more value-adding work.

Be A Leader

Our experts will guide you through becoming an AP automation superstar and an AI thought leader in your team.

AP Automation Guide

Need some help?

  • Learn the basics of AP automation
  • Discover the 6 fundamentals for success
  • Find out how to prepare and start the right way
  • Know what to do and what to avoid

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How Sypht Works


< 5 seconds data extraction time even for multiple documents in one batch


> 90% ML model accuracy out of the box. Minimal training, exceptional results


Seamless connectivity with market-leading RPA, ERP & Analytics partners


REST APIs with an intuitive UI, designed for your customer, employee, and developer


Cognitive extraction built on ML, NLP, combined with  human validation


A catalog of AI products to choose from, purpose-built for a wide range of use cases

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