BPAY Group is one of Australia’s largest payment services providers. Offered by +150 FI's and accepted by +45,000 billers, BPAY Group processes almost 700 million transactions per year.

“Our customers are always looking to innovate and become more efficient, so they expect technology leadership from us" says BPAY Group’s Head of Finance, Oxana Barysheva.“Sypht is a key part of the group’s commitment to emerging technologies, so I was excited to see how Sypht’s AI could transform our business processes."


What was the Challenge?

Despite some automation introduced over the years, BPAY Group’s accounts payable function still relied on manual data entry which was a huge drain on resources. Sypht’s ability to read the unstructured data on the diverse range of invoices processed by the accounts payable department presented an opportunity to achieve significant productivity gains.


The first task was to connect Sypht's Open API to BPAY's SAP Platform.

“With help from our SAP implementation partner DXC, we were up and running in less than 3 weeks,” said Oxana Barysheva, Head of Finance at BPAY Group.

"BPAY Group’s accounts department processes a huge diversity of documents types, and Sypht’s ai helps solve the complex problem of reading those documents. Sypht can not only read any kind of unstructured data, but it is fast, accurate and more reliable than humans. And it continues to improve as it learns,” says Patrick Saundry, Project Lead at DXC-Oxygen.

Implementing Sypht’s AI on to BPAY Group’s SAP platform was simple and easy.

“The Sypht API was born-in-the-cloud, so implementation was lighting fast and BPAY Group experienced productivity gains almost immediately,” said Saundry. “And since Sypht scales without limits, extracted data is available wherever it’s needed and updates are delivered seamlessly."

What did BPAY Group use?

Platform Features



BPAY Group have been delighted by the results.

“Everyone in the business was amazed how Sypht’s AI solution could be leveraged so quickly" said Barysheva.

“Sypht simplifies our processes and reduces the time spent on manual data entry by 90%, and our efficiency has increased by more than 50%, not to mention a reduction in data entry mis-coding. I truly believe that organisations of any size should absolutely consider Sypht as an excellent AI solution to streamline their processes.”

Full automation of Accounts Payable Processs
Sypht has delivered a simplified and streamlined new AP Process

Reduction in manual data entry
Time spent on manual data entry reduced by 90%

Improvement in business efficiency by more than 50%
Fewer errors to fix which frees up team members to focus on more valuable work

Sypht has allowed BPAY Group’s finance team to fully automate the Accounts Payable process

Oxana Barysheva

Head of Finance, BPAY Group

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