Building and integrating with Sypht

Developer Guide

Get up and running with a guided tour through the set-up of API Keys, client libraries and running a test prediction. Build on samples to understand advanced workflows and decode the output for each prediction type.

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API Documentation

The Sypht API provides a RESTful interface for platform features with standards-based OAuth authentication and TLS. See the API Reference for a full description of endpoints and usage.

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Check out our collection of open-source client libraries, sample code and research for working with Sypht from different platforms and programming languages.

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Getting Started is Easy

  1. Specify which fields you want to extract from your data.

  2. Upload your document.

  3. Wait for Sypht to quickly return a JSON with the extracted fields.

See Sypht in Action

Try some of our AI Products for yourself, and experience world-class data extraction, signal detection, and insight generation. See Sypht in action on one of our sample documents, or upload your own, and export the data as .CSV

How Sypht Works

A modern and secure platform

Enterprise grade security

Standards-based security for authentication (OAuth2) and encryption both in-flight (TLS) and at-rest (AES).

Strong data governance

Control where and how your data is processed and stored with multi-region redundancy to prevent data loss.

Battle tested reliability

Our platform operates above 99.9% uptime with millions of documents processed per month.

Cloud native architecture

Microservices architecture built on best-practice cloud technology and security for public and private deployment

Developer friendly toolkit

Get up and running in seconds with a RESTful API and pre-built tools libraries for any technology stack

Horizontally scaling compute

Empower scalable batch and real-time data flows that grow to match the processing needs of your business.

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