MYOB is a leader in digital business solutions with +1.2 million customers across Australia and New Zealand.

In the hyper-competitive online accounting solutions category, MYOB is constantly looking to differentiate their customer experience with cutting-edge technologies. Powered by Sypht AI, MYOB’s new In Tray and Capture App has transformed how customers capture critical data from receipts and invoices.

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What was the Challenge?

An ongoing priority for MYOB is helping customers save time and reduce admin overheads by capturing transaction data at source.

“This data was usually manually entered at a later point in time, increasing risk of inaccuracy, compliance challenges and an additional administration burden of receipt capture on SMEs,”
says Dale Dixon, head of product for small business, MYOB.


Sypht were able to rapidly deploy a POC on the MYOB platform to provide a head-to-head evaluation with other data extraction providers.

“We looked at a number of competitors and Sypht won hands down in performance and accuracy,’" says Michael Toose, Senior Product Manager, MYOB.

Sypht worked closely with the MYOB development team to ensure the solution could be tested and available to MYOB customers as quickly as possible. It includes ai-driven self-learning capability with template-less OCR which enables the system to continually improve.

“Sypht has a great API, it was easy to work with and we did it in record time,” said Toose. “What did it for us with Sypht was performance and reliability. Compared to other APIs we’ve worked with, Sypht is roughly twice as fast and twenty five percent more accurate.”

What did MYOB use?

Platform Features



The launch of the app on the MYOB app store was an immediate success. Kim Owen-Jones, Head of Go To Market, says:

“Our Capture App has been downloaded by thousands of customers and we’ve had millions of receipts uploaded. It enables them to simply take a receipt photo and it automatically transfers to our software solutions.”

“The feedback on MYOB Capture has been really strong, not just from SMEs but also from accountants and book-keepers. The benefits are huge, the ability for that receipt to be captured and in the system, no double handling, no re-keying, removal of human error, it’s a really strong benefit for all our practices. We’ve seen great increases to performance and ultimately customer experience.”

Improvement in customer experience
Sypht's integration into the Capture App resulted in an immediate increase in customer satisfaction by 10 points

Simple integration process
The Sypht API was implemented and up and running in a matter of days

Efficiency gains for MYOB customers
Takes away the burden of receipt capture for SMBs

Improved performance and reliability
Sypht's API is roughly twice as fast and twenty five percent more accurate than other providers

Working with Sypht has been a really easy way for us to improve our customer experience.

Kim Owen-Jones

Head of Go-To-Market, MYOB

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