Perseus Mining

Headquartered in Western Australia, Perseus Mining is a fast growing ASX-listed gold producer, developer and explorer. The company operates three gold mines in West Africa, two in Cote d’Ivoire and one in Ghana.

What was the Challenge?

Tasked with improving the visibility of invoice data to improve cost reporting and identify working capital expenditure efficiencies, Perseus Mining turned to Sypht to transform their Accounts Payable (AP) processes.

Currently deployed across three different AP teams in Perth and on site in West Africa, Sypht worked with Perseus to reduce the cost per invoice, provide key insights into costs and suppliers and streamline business processes. Stacey Squire, Group Technology Manager at Perseus Mining, says:

“A key objective was to improve the quality of the data coming into Perseus right at the beginning of the AP process. We knew our existing processes could be improved - the situation was ripe for software driven innovation.”


Perseus’ needed a solution that worked with Power Automate and delivered output into the ERP. Sypht offered the smallest amount of development time and least overhead to get up and running.

“Within an hour I was able to get value from the platform and to see how it could work for us. We were functional within a couple of days, and then extracting real value from the platform within a couple of weeks.”

Sypht’s AI reads unstructured data from different document types so Perseus can achieve significant insight, reporting, productivity and efficiency gains. And because Sypht is easily integrated into existing systems via its Open API, it fits their downstream ERP systems.

What did Perseus Mining use?

Platform Features



Sypht helped Perseus reduce manual data entry, but it’s the transparency and data quality that has proved a turning point for the company, Mr Squire says.

'It has given us the early detection and visibility we were looking for.'

The AP team can pinpoint issues and delays, work with suppliers to rectify problems, identify and suppress fraudulent, duplicate or ‘problem’ invoices.

This means accurate data, improved efficiency, productivity and collaboration. Supplier onboarding and new invoice formats now require minimal effort.

“For Perseus, Sypht has accelerated the AP process that gets the invoices to human review,” says Mr. Squire.

As Sypht's AI improves as it learns, the team benefit from incremental increases in accuracy and limitless scalability to accommodate future invoice volume growth.

Early detection and visibility
Direct risk reduction and cost savings

Happy Team
Enabled to resolve problems quickly

Simple Trial and Integration Process
POC built and running in weeks not months

Improved performance and accuracy
Sypht is 2x as fast and 25% more accurate than the competition

'Sypht provides accurate, consistent, structured data that we can make decisions on.'

Stacey Squire

Group Technology Manager, Perseus Mining

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