Base Platform Features

Get started with Sypht’s core platform, and access powerful features out of the box, to upload your documents, and extract data, signals, and insights in seconds.



Import all kinds of document formats (PDF, PNG, JPG, and more) into Sypht using our UI or API, or connect Sypht straight into where your documents and other useful data live (SFTP, DB, cloud storage, email, and more) to pull them directly into Sypht. Later, push extracted data, signals, and insights directly back into your organisation, or export manually for further use.




Setup and update Sypht platform and profile settings for optimal experience. Easily access and organise your documents through a simple UI that lets you view, tag, split, and search your documents and extracted data to find what you need. Administer your data governance controls and manage user access permissions, data storage regions, data persistence settings and more


Customise your Sypht experience with a wide range of AI products for extracting value from documents (such as invoices, receipts, forms, and much more), and add-on premium platform features for a tailored document intelligence solution.



Apply your choice of AI products to your imported documents, to extract data, spot signals, and surface trends hidden within your documents, all with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Premium Platform Add-Ons

Power up your document intelligence solution with a suite of modular premium features that unlock real business value, and put the power in your hands.



Improve confidence in the accuracy of extracted data by adding human-in-the-loop supervision. Balance accuracy with efficiency by defining field-level conditions for when human review is required, and improve Sypht AI over time with each human correction providing new training for Sypht’s AI.


 WorkbenchComing Soon

Get under the hood of Sypht’s AI. Customise existing AI Products or build your own using "custom fields". Annotate a sample of your documents to capture new fields. Clean and enrich your data with derived fields, computed using extracted data, external data, and business rules. Publish your custom AI Product back into the Marketplace for broader use.


 StudioComing Soon

Get complete control of your end-to-end document processing workflow. Create your own “custom flows” that specify how Sypht platform features AI products work together to process documents, and connect with your ecosystem. Embed your business logic and accelerate your time to data, signals, and insights.


 ExploreComing Soon

Discover hidden patterns, relationships, and trends hidden in your data. Create powerful “custom queries” and visualise results to find insights. Compare how you're performing relative to market, and connect in the rest of your data to see the full picture.

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