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Sypht helps you unlock the value hidden in all kinds of documents.

Explore our pre-built solutions to easily automate your operations. 

Accounts Payable & Invoices

Unlock and extract data from invoices to automate your accounts payable process, reduce fraud, risk and costs

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NDIS and Health Claims Processing

Unlock data from NDIS invoices and other healthcare claims to improve patient CX and automate disbursements

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Receipts & Expenses

Capture data from receipts and remittances to automate your expense management, and create a seamless CX

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Bank Statements

Unlock data from your incomings and outgoings to improve visibility of your financial health and take control

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Forms, Reports & Account Opening

Unlock data from identity documents and onboarding forms to automate account opening and know-your-customer (KYC)

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Property Cost Management

Capture data from council and strata notices to automate property maintenance and track cost of ownership

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Energy Bills

Unlock data from energy bills to create data-driven experiences that help consumers make more effective decisions with how they consume energy.

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Payslips & Loan Decisioning

Unlock data from income and expense documents and onboarding forms to automate loan and credit decisioning

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Unlock  value in your business

Sypht can help transform all areas of your business, from the back office to the front office. Make better decisions and improve digital experiences. Deliver against KPIs with confidence and set up your business for future success.


Intelligent Operations

Unlock value in the back office.

Automate document-heavy processes and slash your admin time and cost

Intelligent Decisions

Unlock value in the head office.

Maker smarter decisions with 100% of your data – not just the 20% that’s accessible today

Intelligent Experiences

Unlock value in the front office.

Transform digital experiences with smarter data-driven interactions

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