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Upstream is a Managed Content & Document Services and technology company that helps businesses optimise document management, business processes and workflow solutions.

What was the Challenge?

As SMB Solutions Manager, Jai Dyer is responsible for investigating multiple different technologies. A focus on reviewing data extraction solution providers led Jai to review different data extraction technologies.

‘I reviewed several other data extraction software but found some problems in how these solutions were performing for customers. Important data was missing or incorrect.’

Speaking to customers, Jai found that these solutions were often too big and too cumbersome for them to use, and led to large amounts of manual data review, correction and verification. This was causing dissatisfaction and frustration, not to mention process inefficiency and increased costs within these businesses.

‘I heard very clearly from customers that they don’t want to fix incorrect data anymore. They just want it to work. That’s how I found Sypht. The first time I saw it, I thought wow, this is awesome’.


The Upstream developer team connected through Sypht’s Open API, validated the technology in less than a week, and had a working proof of concept integrated a couple of weeks later.

The team then completed a series of stress tests, uploading document templates, data layouts and data formats to test the power and accuracy of Sypht’s AI-powered data extraction engine.

‘It just worked, the data was there on the screen and there was little need for verification or fixes.’

What did Upstream use?

Platform Features



Upstream has completed multiple data extractions, integrating with MYOB, Xero, Data Build, Constructor and more, leading to multiple new customer wins.

These integrations extend into sign-on-glass technology, HR onboarding, contract management solutions, and data extraction from delivery dockets.

Customers have seen real, measurable benefits, including risk and cost reduction, reporting on invoices, approval workflows and a single source of truth.

‘Providing consistently high quality solutions builds trust and deeper relationships. It’s rare to get a support call, they just love the technology.’

‘Working with Sypht has been absolutely fantastic. We communicate regularly, and the team are always improving and updating the technology.’

Rapid growth of the Upstream business
Key element of multiple new customer wins

Happy Customers
Measurable benefits, outstanding reliability

Simple Trial and Integration Process
POC built and running in weeks not months

Improved performance and accuracy
Sypht is 2x as fast and 25% more accurate than the competition

‘Sypht’s technology wows me, and it wows our customers. That helps us sell, grow and keep our customers happy.'

Jai Dyer

SMB Solutions Manager, Upstream

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