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Sypht is designed to grow as your needs do. Activate the AI Products you need when you need them, and switch them off when you don't. Simple, flexible, easy.

Capture AI

Extract data from any document in seconds with 90%+ accuracy, and retrieve clean structured data at scale

Signals AI

Spot anomalies and uncover business signals in any document, and flag them for review or processing

Insights AI

Surface patterns & trends in all of your document data, and distill them into actionable business insights

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Get more value from any and every document by choosing from our wide range of AI products for extracting value data, signals, and insights from documents.


Capture invoice data such as supplier transaction details, and more!

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Capture income data such as earnings, tax deductions, key dates, and more!

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Capture identity data such as full name, nationality, date of birth, and more!

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Customise Your Solution

Sypht's wide range of AI products enables it to handle all kinds of documents, needed by many different business processes to work. Our Marketplace lets you easily customise your solution, helping you find the AI products and platform add-ons you need for your given use case, get instant access, and set-up your solution.

How Sypht AI Products Work

Each AI Product is a machine learning (ML) model that's been pre-trained to find specific bits of information in a document - no matter where they may be on the page. This makes our AI particularly effective for documents with no standard layout (such as invoices). 

The Sypht AI:

  • Classifies the information into "extracted fields" (such as ABN, invoice total, etc) using a common data model for that document
  • Calculates the likelihood of specific events in the data, returned as "derived fields" representing signals and insights in the data
  • Learns from any human-in-the-loop annotations made to the extracted fields

1. Read
Sypht uses a base layer OCR enhanced by Computer Vision to detect "tokens" of text and numbers within the document

2. Understand
Pre-trained ML models and NLP classify detected tokens and analyse the contextual relationship between them

3. Predict
In-built prediction algorithms derive meaning from the data, returning structured and actionable data, signals, or insights

4. Review
Add human-in-the-loop review to update any predictions that Sypht got wrong, in turn training the ML model to get better.


Build Your Own AI Product

You can use Sypht Workbench to train your own ML model without any code. Create custom fields to capture more data from the document, or derive new fields using extracted and external data to produce clean, enriched data. Once the AI product is ready, simply publish it back into your private version of Marketplace for use.Coming Soon


Implement Sypht AI

Sypht provides a developer-friendly REST API to access our document intelligence platform. Simply sign-up to receive an access token, and query our API through a programming language of your choice.

By signing up you'll gain free trial subscriptions to a handful of our AI products out of the box and you'll be granted API credentials that will enable you to generate a bearerToken to access our API.

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