Announcing Sypht Marketplace

Blog post image for Marketplace storyWhile the Sypht you know and love has been delighting our customers for the last 2 years, we’ve been keeping quite busy behind the scenes over the last few months working on something special.

After listening to all of your feedback, exploring new ways we can add value to you Syphters out there, and being guided by an unwavering commitment to making AI simple, we have re-imagined a brand new Sypht experience that goes beyond data extraction toward value extraction, and focuses on applying our artificial intelligence in order to unlock your enterprise intelligence. 

The new and improved Sypht experience is made up of three parts:

  • A diverse catalog of AI products that extract unstructured data, spot signals in the data, and surface broader trends & insights, all across a wide range of documents, industries and business processes
  • A powerful set of modular platform add-ons that let you create your own business rules, build your own AI products, validate & label your outputs, and freely explore your extracted data for insights
  • An underlying AI-as-a-service platform that acts as our “value extraction” engine, enabling you to connect or transport your data into Sypht, activate and unlock your choice of AI products, and apply them to your unstructured data to extract structured data, signals, and insights

Over the coming months you’ll begin to see the new Sypht experience come to life as we gradually roll out enhancements to our product, and the journey starts with the forthcoming launch of Sypht Marketplace - the gateway to Sypht’s diverse range of AI products and platform add-ons that makes it quick and easy to:

  • Search and discover available AI products and platform add-ons
  • Try a free 14-day trial of any product to see if it's right for you
  • Activate your subscription to the product by providing your payment details
  • Manage your active subscriptions and billing

For access to Sypht Marketplace, please click here

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