Sypht and Provider Choice team up to revolutionise NDIS customer experience

How Provider Choice is using Sypht technology
to deliver a revolutionary customer experience for NDIS participants.

Provider Choice's vision is to be a ‘High Tech, High Touch’ NDIS plan management business. Co-Founder Jonathan Salgo believed they should not compromise on technology or human support for NDIS participants.

'We felt they deserved both. The very best technology to make our plan management platform easy to use, and the very best human support network to serve them consistently over time.'

The need to remove unnecessary friction led them to prioritise streamlining and automating invoice management and processing. This was critical for both compliance and operational efficiency, and also meant their team could go back to having meaningful conversations with customers. As Jeff Funnell, Head of Group Operations, put it:

'We wanted our support to mean they could live their best life, not spend time worrying about payments and processes. We needed our team’s time and focus to be on NDIS participants, not on paperwork.'

Looking for a technology solution to achieve this goal, they discovered Sypht’s AI-powered OCR technology and quickly built a proof of concept. Connecting through Sypht’s open API and developer-friendly interface, the teams built an effective solution. Deepali Okhal, Operations Manager, says:

'The deep collaboration we’ve had with the Sypht team has been fantastic. We’ve built and customised our interface according to the needs of our customers. Working with Sypht is like being offered a test drive in a sports car. You’ve just got to try it to understand the difference.'

Sypht has helped Provider Choice extract data from more than 200,000 service provider invoices so far. The team have also been able to avoid hiring five full time employees, saving them more than $500,000.

Warren Billington, Sypht’s CEO, explains:
'The speed and quality of Sypht’s data extraction has helped Provider Choice keep document review time low, and increase batch and straight-through processing' 

Provider Choice has grown in leaps and bounds, with Sypht playing a crucial role in helping them handle the volume of document data extraction and processing they need to deliver their ‘High Touch, High Tech’ vision.

About Provider Choice
Provider Choice has helped more than 15,000 Australian families navigate the complexities of the NDIS. Their Plan Management services help them achieve their goals, manage budgets and control their NDIS plan and funds.

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